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Coverage of Search Indexes

The list which follows gives the date range covered by the Parish Register Search Indexes, in alphabetic order. Note that this data relates specifically to the Search Service Indexes not to the Parish Register Transcripts which are available on microfiche or CD. There is a separate Oxfordshire Parish Records Date Finder showing the full coverage range of the Transcripts. This may be downloaded from the Parish Register Transcripts section of the CD Sales Page of this web site.

Where no date range is given for a particular index, it indicates that the parish concerned is not included in that index. This may be because the registers concerned never existed or have not survived, or it may simply be that the data has not yet been added to the Search Service index. Cross referencing against the Oxfordshire Parish Records Date Finder mentioned above will enable you to distinguish between these situations.

In smaller parishes it is normal to find some years with no baptisms, marriages or burials recorded. Larger gaps can indicate a missing register, or some hiatus in the parish record keeping. The list which follows notes where there are any gaps of 20 years or more. The details button can be used to see the nature of the gap in more detail. There are several possible reasons for such a gap.

  • A small number of isolated events have been recorded more than 20 years before the start of the first surviving register.
  • There is a missing register or a hiatus in the parish record keeping. (In such cases the gap will also affect the full transcripts for that parish, on microfiche or CD.)
  • In a very few cases only part of the transcribed data for the parish has so far been included in the search index. In such cases the full transcript will include the missing data.

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